Sunday, April 17, 2016


Healing is coming along. One incision is a neat little pink scar, the other side is a fugly red welt that had me almost convinced my insides were gonna come oozing out, and my bellybutton is slowly but surely sliding back into place (although it is STILL a weird outie instead of its introverted-old-self). Yesterday I managed the 1.6km walk over to The FamBily House. Granted I spent the rest of the day resting and recuperating - but the food was yummy and the company was awesome.
On Friday I decided to spoil myself. An opportunity arose for a half hour family portrait session and I pounced on it. Z decided to act more like the family he married into than the one he was born into and actually smiled. (I may have threatened him with bodily harm...I may have been serious too, but he wasn't taking any chances.) 

The photographer was amazing. She coaxed the cutest of smiles out of Buzz. She'd also chosen a beautiful spot behind RBS for the shoot. The rainy days we dealt with early in the week had the babbling brook amped up to a nicely flowing stream.
Gan vacation is going alright so far. Buzz has been home since Wednesday. Mostly he's been 'baking' a lot in his little kitchen. I was HIGHLY amused on Thursday when I woke up from a nap to the sound of the dryer running. I was confused because I had put laundry into the washer and had fallen asleep waiting for the cycle to end. Apparently Buzz had noticed that the washer had finished, so he switched the laundry into the dryer and turned it on. He is a funny kid and gosh is he smart!
Since the house won't be ready for Pesach, we've resigned ourselves to one last weeklong holiday in The Sun House. Only problem being that I had NOT anticipated cleaning the apartment for Pesach. (Then again, I hadn't expected needing to have surgery less than a month before the holiday either...) 

Aaaanyway, as usual The Crazy Lady came to the rescue. She is graciously allowing us to move into The FamBily House for the week. That's a fifth week on Acacia in like two months. Pretty insane if you ask me. On the bright side, it means that now there's no cleaning to do. We just pack up out clothes and 'sell' all of our chametz. Easy peasy.
I'm running out of things to write about, but there were so many awesome pictures from our photo shoot that I couldn't narrow it down any further...
This was a funny shot, Buzz was afraid that Z was going to fall into the stream. He pulled with all his might to keep Z safely on his rock.
Love love love love love this kid. He's might be a handful, but he is just the sweetest.
We even cleaned out his pockets while we were out there. Crumbs for the birds, and less in the house.
I can't believe he's really four already. He's my SuperBuzz.

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Sassy said...

GORGEOUS PICTURES!!!! I'm so happy you got a photo shoot going for you! My husband keeps begging for a family photo shoot, since the last one we did was when Menachem was a baby- 6.5 years ago! I took a photography course and take pretty decent pics of the kids, but never manage to get myself into the shoot... But your pictures are stunning!! Who took them? Your buzz certainly is getting big! And so smart to help you out with the laundry! Maybe he needs to come here and train my kids...