Wednesday, April 13, 2016

118 or so...

Besides the fact that my bellybutton is still oozing gunk, and that my right hip incision is a gnarly looking lump of bruise and glue... You'd barely even know I had surgery less than two weeks ago.

Healing would probably go more quickly if I weren't constantly trying to get things done. You know, things that need to get done. Like dishes, once in a while, cause when they sit for too long the whole apartment starts to smell (and let's be honest, by the time they've sat so long that mold has grown...I really don't want to be doing them. So better earlier than never.)
Not being able to bend over is a HUGE pain in the figurative rear. And have I mentioned that the stupid gas that they pumped my abdomen up with is STILL bouncing around inside of me?! It's lodged under my stomach (as in, the actual organ) and my diaphragm. So when I inhale and exhale I feel the bubbles flutter here and there and truth be told all it does is make me insanely nauseous.
On the bright side - look at the nice yellow color we chose for Buzz's room in the new house. That is bright, literally. See what I did there?
Still grumpy, house is gross, Z has zero time for me because of school, Buzz is officially on vacation from gan as of today...

To be fair I could dehydrate or the suppurating disaster-zone that until March 31, at around noon, was an adorable innie could get infected.

Hmmmm, I suppose it COULD be worse.

Go figure.

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