Friday, April 08, 2016


Well - it's been a week since they sliced&diced me. I am feeling better every day.

I pushed myself and made Buzz the birthday cake that he requested. Then he decided that it couldn't be his birthday because things we had promised him had not come to pass. Apparently Pesach and moving into the the new house are mandatory prerequisites to him turning four.

I guess he'll just be 3 for a while longer.

But I was annoyed that 5 days post-op I spent hours in the kitchen making the cake that he had begged me to prepare. So I wasn't going to just let it slide quietly. I wanted pictures. Pictures of the cake, pictures of the inside of the cake, and pictures of him with the cake.

After a face-down-on-the-kitchen-floor-tantrum I made the executive decision that I would take pictures with or without him. Obviously once we set up the scene, and started singing happy birthday to Toffee he came over, curious, and eventually joined in the fun. Because, well, cake!

So in the end I got my pictures. 

I'll just count this one as a victory.

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