Sunday, May 29, 2016


Finally! I made it to day 10 of my antibiotics! The good news is that I'm almost done with these awful pills. The bad news is that my allergies are in full swing because the weather is insane, and every time I shvitz my incision starts to turn bad all over again. Basically, there's no winning.

Last week ended on an insanely busy note. On Tuesday we ordered our kitchen from IKEA. On Thursday we had to go back to finalize the order and delivery information. On Friday we were out from 8am until 1:30pm running errands. Then at 1:30pm I FINALLY started cooking for Shabbos. Usually a quiet Shabbos at home would have been no big deal to throw together in an hour or so, however, I was cooking for 8.

The Parentals went off to visit The Freddies for the weekend. Dibble and Frank were home along with three friends. I prepped all of the food and then packed up all of our stuff and shlepped everything over to The FamBily House. Overall it was very nice, but it was also completely exhausting. Challah, chicken soup, roasted chicken thighs on a bed of sliced potatoes, pastel, perfectly steamed green broccoli, garlic rice, white rice, bagels with lox and spreads, tossed salad, crudités, tomato basil onion salad, double batch of FF chocolate chip cookies, and an apple tartpie... Nobody went hungry. That for sure.

Z has been working on his studio presentation nonstop for the last week and a half. I miss having enjoyable low-pressure time to relax and just watch tv before falling asleep. Maybe next year. I really hate school and I know he does too - but the stupid diploma is apparently a necessary evil. So, another few months of this year, then all of next year, and then three years of minimum wage internship. Ugh. It makes my head hurt.

In exciting news, the house apparently has interior doors. The official front door should be installed tomorrow, and then there's really just the last few things to finish up. Installation of bathroom hardware and lighting fixtures, the kitchen should be installed in the next two weeks, the last of the air conditioning units need to be put in, a thorough cleaning, and then we are ready to move! 

6 more weeks!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bellybutton Strep?!

It's a whole new week! Shabbos was a lot of fun. Quite the entertaining birthday weekend for The Dibble. To be honest it seems silly that I still use that nickname, since he's taller than a tree! He had half a dozen friends over and altogether it was a highly entertaining weekend at The FamBily House. We walked over in the morning and then I took it easy and enjoyed the show for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday was busy busy. Z is hard at work on the last few modifications before he needs to start working on his final presentation. Overall it is a thoroughly frustrating process to watch. Yesterday we made a tiny bit of progress even though we sat and worked for seven hours straight.
We used gan pickup as an excuse for a break. I demanded that we make it enjoyable and worthwhile. Buzz was thrilled to go on a surprise pizza outing. Back at home they worked and worked, then it was bedtime for some while others worked some more. 

This morning all of my test results came back conclusively showing that last week's infection was definitely strep. Apparently my incision got infected first, but with no yardstick or previous experience to compare it to, and lots of advice from people saying that these things tend to ooze for a long time, I thought it was just irritated by sweat from the crazy heatwave. Since I didn't catch that infection, it just spread up and up until it hit my throat which finally made me miserable enough to go to the dr after a day and a half of pain. Well, now I know that bellybutton strep is a real thing. And once again I've been reminded that listening to my body is one of the most important things I can do for it.

As a result today I'm taking it easy. I'm feeling entitled to a rest break since I'd been going strong on schedule for over a week while bacterial infections ran rampant in my insides.
I am glad to report that I'm feeling MUCH better. But a little extra rest never hurt anybody, right?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sick or not...?!

This was a busy week. We were at S&S, visited The FamBily House, went to OT...

On Wednesday night, my throat started to hurt. When I woke up Thursday morning I could barely swallow. Throughout Thursday I developed a low-grade fever, then I didn't sleep a wink Thursday night - even though I got into bed at 7:45pm. I felt decidedly miserable this morning and made the decision to go sit at the doctor's office for a walk-in appointment. Almost two hours later I made it in to see the doctor. One glance in my throat and she said, "Your throat looks terrible! You are full to the brim with strep!!! Miskena!!" 

I figured I should mention that my bellybutton incision has been annoying me for a few days - itching and burning are apparently not necessarily good signs. A peek under my shirt and she sent me for a swab to figure out whether it's a fungal or bacterial infection. All we know is that, It. Does. NOT. Look. Right.

10 days of antibiotics, probiotics, and creams. Hopefully I'll be all better quickly!

This little weirdo. Even when I'm feeling under the weather he can always make me smile!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Blue and Sparkly!

Oh my goodness, time is just flying on by! I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that today we celebrated our little country's 68th Independence Day! I feel like Time is going so quickly that I've missed chunks of it. Good thing I take lots of pictures - they help jog my memory.
We had a lazy morning today. We did some preliminary cooking for Shabbos. Z and Buzz made some potato waffles, we raided the freezers for cookies, and the boys did a whole bunch of cleaning. Then we went out to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Our next stop was The FamBily House. We got there in time for cleaning the floors. And snuggling the dog, apparently. Did you know that supposedly dogs tend to get nervous when humans hug them? Phil put that theory to the test. Do you think the dog looks overly perturbed? I didn't.
The Crazy Lady cooked up a real storm for dinner. We broke with BBQ tradition and opted for the 'local fare' homemade felafel (with all of the fixins') and salmon packets.

There may have been an incident involving the parprika and the fries, but I'm not taking any responsibility or saying anything to incriminate or implicate myself...
Not only was it The State's birthday, we also took the opportunity to celebrate the April/May birthdays in the family. The Crazy Lady seriously outdid herself with a homemade 'Carvel' cake. It was delicious and tasted exactly the way we all remember the iconic cake tasting!
It was clear to see that the birthday boys were highly excited by the cake and celebrations.
The kids were also excited. They wanted cake because he'd be even sweeter once it was in them. Funny wired little weirdos! Did I say 'wired'? Oh, I meant 'tired'. Or did I...?
Not like I wasn't slightly delirious by the time dessert rolled around. It was a pretty long day. Look at that, some of my crazy is showing too...
Oh, alright. Maybe we were all feeling festive and wacky. It was a holiday, and the sangria flowed like, well, nothing really. It just sat there in the pitcher, but it looked so pretty!
Next year will be 69. We'll be in the new house and my plan is to host a big celebration. Somebody should remind me of these big plans in about 350 days or so...