Monday, May 23, 2016

Bellybutton Strep?!

It's a whole new week! Shabbos was a lot of fun. Quite the entertaining birthday weekend for The Dibble. To be honest it seems silly that I still use that nickname, since he's taller than a tree! He had half a dozen friends over and altogether it was a highly entertaining weekend at The FamBily House. We walked over in the morning and then I took it easy and enjoyed the show for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday was busy busy. Z is hard at work on the last few modifications before he needs to start working on his final presentation. Overall it is a thoroughly frustrating process to watch. Yesterday we made a tiny bit of progress even though we sat and worked for seven hours straight.
We used gan pickup as an excuse for a break. I demanded that we make it enjoyable and worthwhile. Buzz was thrilled to go on a surprise pizza outing. Back at home they worked and worked, then it was bedtime for some while others worked some more. 

This morning all of my test results came back conclusively showing that last week's infection was definitely strep. Apparently my incision got infected first, but with no yardstick or previous experience to compare it to, and lots of advice from people saying that these things tend to ooze for a long time, I thought it was just irritated by sweat from the crazy heatwave. Since I didn't catch that infection, it just spread up and up until it hit my throat which finally made me miserable enough to go to the dr after a day and a half of pain. Well, now I know that bellybutton strep is a real thing. And once again I've been reminded that listening to my body is one of the most important things I can do for it.

As a result today I'm taking it easy. I'm feeling entitled to a rest break since I'd been going strong on schedule for over a week while bacterial infections ran rampant in my insides.
I am glad to report that I'm feeling MUCH better. But a little extra rest never hurt anybody, right?

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