Thursday, May 12, 2016

Blue and Sparkly!

Oh my goodness, time is just flying on by! I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that today we celebrated our little country's 68th Independence Day! I feel like Time is going so quickly that I've missed chunks of it. Good thing I take lots of pictures - they help jog my memory.
We had a lazy morning today. We did some preliminary cooking for Shabbos. Z and Buzz made some potato waffles, we raided the freezers for cookies, and the boys did a whole bunch of cleaning. Then we went out to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Our next stop was The FamBily House. We got there in time for cleaning the floors. And snuggling the dog, apparently. Did you know that supposedly dogs tend to get nervous when humans hug them? Phil put that theory to the test. Do you think the dog looks overly perturbed? I didn't.
The Crazy Lady cooked up a real storm for dinner. We broke with BBQ tradition and opted for the 'local fare' homemade felafel (with all of the fixins') and salmon packets.

There may have been an incident involving the parprika and the fries, but I'm not taking any responsibility or saying anything to incriminate or implicate myself...
Not only was it The State's birthday, we also took the opportunity to celebrate the April/May birthdays in the family. The Crazy Lady seriously outdid herself with a homemade 'Carvel' cake. It was delicious and tasted exactly the way we all remember the iconic cake tasting!
It was clear to see that the birthday boys were highly excited by the cake and celebrations.
The kids were also excited. They wanted cake because he'd be even sweeter once it was in them. Funny wired little weirdos! Did I say 'wired'? Oh, I meant 'tired'. Or did I...?
Not like I wasn't slightly delirious by the time dessert rolled around. It was a pretty long day. Look at that, some of my crazy is showing too...
Oh, alright. Maybe we were all feeling festive and wacky. It was a holiday, and the sangria flowed like, well, nothing really. It just sat there in the pitcher, but it looked so pretty!
Next year will be 69. We'll be in the new house and my plan is to host a big celebration. Somebody should remind me of these big plans in about 350 days or so...

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