Sunday, May 29, 2016


Finally! I made it to day 10 of my antibiotics! The good news is that I'm almost done with these awful pills. The bad news is that my allergies are in full swing because the weather is insane, and every time I shvitz my incision starts to turn bad all over again. Basically, there's no winning.

Last week ended on an insanely busy note. On Tuesday we ordered our kitchen from IKEA. On Thursday we had to go back to finalize the order and delivery information. On Friday we were out from 8am until 1:30pm running errands. Then at 1:30pm I FINALLY started cooking for Shabbos. Usually a quiet Shabbos at home would have been no big deal to throw together in an hour or so, however, I was cooking for 8.

The Parentals went off to visit The Freddies for the weekend. Dibble and Frank were home along with three friends. I prepped all of the food and then packed up all of our stuff and shlepped everything over to The FamBily House. Overall it was very nice, but it was also completely exhausting. Challah, chicken soup, roasted chicken thighs on a bed of sliced potatoes, pastel, perfectly steamed green broccoli, garlic rice, white rice, bagels with lox and spreads, tossed salad, crudités, tomato basil onion salad, double batch of FF chocolate chip cookies, and an apple tartpie... Nobody went hungry. That for sure.

Z has been working on his studio presentation nonstop for the last week and a half. I miss having enjoyable low-pressure time to relax and just watch tv before falling asleep. Maybe next year. I really hate school and I know he does too - but the stupid diploma is apparently a necessary evil. So, another few months of this year, then all of next year, and then three years of minimum wage internship. Ugh. It makes my head hurt.

In exciting news, the house apparently has interior doors. The official front door should be installed tomorrow, and then there's really just the last few things to finish up. Installation of bathroom hardware and lighting fixtures, the kitchen should be installed in the next two weeks, the last of the air conditioning units need to be put in, a thorough cleaning, and then we are ready to move! 

6 more weeks!!!

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