Friday, May 20, 2016

Sick or not...?!

This was a busy week. We were at S&S, visited The FamBily House, went to OT...

On Wednesday night, my throat started to hurt. When I woke up Thursday morning I could barely swallow. Throughout Thursday I developed a low-grade fever, then I didn't sleep a wink Thursday night - even though I got into bed at 7:45pm. I felt decidedly miserable this morning and made the decision to go sit at the doctor's office for a walk-in appointment. Almost two hours later I made it in to see the doctor. One glance in my throat and she said, "Your throat looks terrible! You are full to the brim with strep!!! Miskena!!" 

I figured I should mention that my bellybutton incision has been annoying me for a few days - itching and burning are apparently not necessarily good signs. A peek under my shirt and she sent me for a swab to figure out whether it's a fungal or bacterial infection. All we know is that, It. Does. NOT. Look. Right.

10 days of antibiotics, probiotics, and creams. Hopefully I'll be all better quickly!

This little weirdo. Even when I'm feeling under the weather he can always make me smile!

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