Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Five Hundredty Ten

Last I left you it was the day before the day before Shavuot. Well, that was one crazy two holiday weekend. That's for sure. I baked and prepped night-meals for us at home. I also made a half-size cheesecake, a half-size peanut butter pie with vanilla pastry cream, and a regular peanut butter pie with chocolate pudding.
Shabbos kicked off nice and strong. We took it in early so that Buzz could eat and conk out. Though to be honest, I think I fell asleep before he did. Just kidding. Z sure did though. My 'fauxCD' (read: imagined OCD) had me clear the table, put away all of the food, clear the dish racks, and wash all of the dishes from both sinks, before I finally collapsed into bed.
Saturday morning we made our way across town nice and early. We enjoyed a delightful day with The FamBily. We even has a cousin visiting from across the pond. The food was delicious as usual. We opted out of seuda shlishit in favor of hiking back home. Yo'Abba and Fuzzle accompanied us, somewhat unintentinally. When we got to the three swing park, I ran home to get some water for the thirsty pup.
The next morning we hiked across town again. Dairy delights awaited us. So much bounty. Stuffed to the gills we were. After many hours of fun and games, schmoozing and snoozing, we joined The Freddies (and Phil) on a trek to S&S's house. We enjoyed a delightful visit with S&S, then parted ways curbside. They made their way back to Acaccia and we skipped down the hill to our current abode.
Monday morning confused us all. It was a vacation day for Buzz, being Isru Chag and all. We kept him busy from sunup til sundown. Did I have that backwards? Sundown til sunup? I mean... He kept us busy? Basically it was kind of a weird day.
Yesterday was a busy day. Well, for some of us. A bunch of The FamBily road tripped out to new house. Z was there most of the day. The kitchen guy was hard at work, and the kitchen counters were also installed. It's all coming together, it's insanely exciting!
This morning Buzz woke me up demanding that we bake cookies. Luckily I was able to appease him by baking some dough that I'd been saving in the freezer. Once he was dressed and ready to go he insisted that the only way he wanted to get to gan was on foot. So, we walked. That definitely jumpstarted my activity level today.

Back at home I ate some breakfast. Then Z and I took the car to the garage for its yearly tuneup. Apparently the air conditioning (not working) situation was just repeated to totally clogged up filters - something to do with driving through a hundred and seven sand/dust-storms in the last ten months. The mechanic said it would take about three hours for the 'tipul' to be done, so we walked over to the mall. We proceeded to spend the next 2.5 hours sitting in the food court. We enjoyed the free wifi and air-conditioning, Z got some lunch while I noshed on gluten-free pretzels, and every once in a while I'd do a full circuit of the mall just to rack up steps on my Fitbit.

The car was ready to pickup half an hour before gan pickup time. We wasted ten minutes picking up a box of cereal for me at the grocery store, then we picked Buzz up from gan. Buzz was extremely excited about the new house. He wouldn't stop talking about it. In fact, he begged us to go and visit the site. Z couldn't say no. (Or, wouldn't). After a quick stop at home (so that I could make and eat a scrambled egg on a square of rye matzah) we 'spur of the moment(oy)' drove out to the yishuv. The weather was cooling down, the house is beautiful, and I almost never wanted to leave. If the place weren't full of construction dust, I would just take a sleeping bag and go stay there! So few days left - the suspense is making me craaaazy! I'm ready!!!!
Back in The Sun House... Buzz enjoyed chicken with rice and broccoli, I had a huge bowl of chicken soup with rice (and half a bag of gf crunches), and Z enjoyed 'chumus im basar' with an Israeli salad and fresh pita.

At some point Buzz showed up with a stethoscope and announced that it was time for my checkup. He promptly pulled out a toy saw and started cutting my arm off. After checking me over one last time with his stethoscope he proclaimed me 'healthy!' And demanded monetary compensation for his efforts. (Clearly he's learning how the world works.) 

Finally it was bedtime. (Not a minute too soon.)
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday again. Do I seriously need to start thinking about what to make for shabbos already? I'm pretty sure I'm still full from last weekend!

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