Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well, yesterday was my 31st birthday. Z bought me a new food processor (I've subsequently been informed that it's ill-advised to operate one that runs irregardless of safety-features. Basically, if the machine runs when the top is not to use it.) I also went a little crazy and treated myself to a snazzy new vacuum for the new house. I'm excited because it matches the house decor, and also because it'll make keeping the rugs clean SO much easier.

Dinner last night was delightful. The Crazy Lady made a delicious bbq in my honor. And for dessert Yo Abba enjoyed some of the awesome peanut butter mouse pie that I made him last week in honor of his birthday. That's some good multitasking.
Today was Buzz's last day of gan! Hard to believe that an entire year has passed. We've measured the time in increments of building. Literally. Now Buzz is done with Gan Sigalit! And our house is standing, ready and waiting for us to move in. It's insanely exciting!

Z and I spent the morning packing up boxes. Then after picking Buzz up from his very last day, we drove out to the new house.
As per FamBily custom, the first few things that we brought into the house were bread, honey, salt, a new broom, and a tzedaka box - which we used as a topic to learn a little bit of Torah with Buzz.

Our next task was to shlep in all of the boxes that we'd packed into the car. Obviously we started with the kitchen. It was a delight to unpack into the myriad of drawers and cabinets. As the cherry on top, the awesome electrician had brought the bulbs for my crowning jewel of a light fixture (that hangs over the bar in the kitchen).
It was magical. The sky was just starting to head towards dusk as we turned on the fixture for the very first time. The kitchen was suddenly bathed in a homey and comfortable golden glow. I sighed in absolute contentment. (And the picture does NOT do it justice.)

Moving day can not come quickly enough.

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