Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No you don't can!

Well - we survived yet another miluim week. Buzz was home with a stomach-thing on Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday. Thankfully The FamBily let us crash with them and helped to watch Sr. Cuckoomonster (yes, that is a reference to my darling son.)
He found lots of way to entertain himself. I walked in circles around the house clocking in loads of steps on my Fitbit. Well, I did on Sunday at any rate. Then I decided not to participate in any 'step' challenges because I realized that increased exercise was causing my weight to drop. My body is absolutely whacked out. Now I'm back to taking whatever steps I need to in a day but I'm not aiming for the lofty '10,000 step goal' that is the gold-standard of the health community for 'non-sedentary-people'. 

'They' must hate me. I subsist on white carbs, no fruits, barely any vegetable, and don't exercise. 

Oh well. If that's what my body needs...
Aaaanyway, Frank took GREAT care of Buzzle this past week. They played piano, 'flung' around, made waffles, danced, chilled, and snacked together. 'Funcle' and 'nePHEW' are appropriate terms for this relationship. All the fun and then the exhaustion.
Every activity is fun at The FamBily House. In the bath Buzz bathed the ducklings, taught them to swim, and made sure they washed their beaks properly.
Much happiness and excitement even at bedtime! 
On Wednesday Z came home. Thursday was jam-packed with so so so many things. We kicked off the morning with Occupational Therapy. Our next stop was the barber (where Buzz entertained the shop owner by sweeping up after his haircut. 'Best customer ever' was the title bestowed upon him, along with a candy, which surprisingly he ate in its entirety. I guess he felt that he'd earned it.
On Tuesday I shlepped The Crazy Lady out to the local plant nursery to choose gifts for Buzz's ganenot. She helped me choose a variety of herbs and happily colored planters, then she helped me to plant them (read: she planted them) properly. I ended up with oregano, parsley, spearmint, and thyme. Three of each. It worked out quite nicely.
I spent Wednesday morning working out the 'graphics' side of the present. I had Buzz watercolor some nice cards, wrote a little poem, and put a little informational about each of the plants on a Popsicle stick to place into the planters. 

We gave out the first two today and they were warmly received. 

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.
Last night was the end of year party at gan. Buzz participated as well as could be expected from his father's family. (Love you guys, but let's be honest, no kid of Z's is ever going to volunteer to act like a fool in front of a crowd.) Thankfully it only lasted a little over an hour, then we were out of there, out into the 30-something degree evening. Deeeelightful. Ish.
Today was also busy, as our Fridays usually are. We had a fruitless search for toilet-paper-roll-holders, I bought a whole bunch of bottles of Gatorade for an exorbitant price, and we cleaned the house.

Looking forward to Shabbos for some semi-recharging. Sunday kicks off with insane craziness again. House-stuff, health-stuff, family-stuff... I'm tired just thinking about it.

Good thing I get a 26 hour break now. (Yay for early Shabbos! Extra forced relaxation.)

I'm off before Z gets home from shul.

Catch ya next week!

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