Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Plastelina Presents!

We are well into June! How'd that happen so fast?

Last week Buzz had a day where he wasn't feeling so great. I figured that a mental-health-day was in order. But I wasn't going to let it be all fun. No way. I set him to work. First he swept the floor, followed by washing dishes, and last but not least he scrubbed out the oven. (Ok, fine. To be completely forthcoming, when I say he swept - I mean that I swept and he then scattered my dust piles everywhere while I hunted down the dustpan that he had hidden. Also, I scrubbed out the oven - then he insisted on wiping it dry because apparently I hadn't done a good enough job. He did wash the silverware though - and any unbreakable dishes. He is a very thorough dishwasher.)
While the little weirdo was busy cleaning the house, his friends were busy having a party, someone set the fishes free. When I made Buzz clean up after his buddies he insisted on counting all of the fish to make sure that none had escaped. I lost track half an hour later, somewhere after 'eleventy hundred'.
On Thursday morning, Buzz woke up to a potty-present that he'd been waiting patiently for. (I'm not kidding, he waited almost FIVE MONTHS for this gift to get here.) 

He is DELIGHTED with this mini-Kenwood-mixer. It is adorable though, so I don't blame him. He also got a little hand mixer, which is also just so cute I can't even describe it. And he's finally stopped trying to convince me to share my machines with him, which let's be honest, is a relief.
We spent a very lazy Shabbos at The FamBily House. Because the weather was somewhere in the 40Cs and it was just too hot and dry to even consider going further than the front porch. Since we were already there and Shabbos ends so late, we ended up staying until Sunday morning. Well, ok, Sunday afternoon. It's just so comfy, it's hard to actually leave.
Sunday was Yom Yerushalayim. Buzz came home all excited and talking about the Old City of Jerusalem. He conked out, exhausted from a long long day, and half an hour later the school next door started their celebratory fireworks show. Buzz slept through it but he was thrilled to scroll through the photos I had taken the next morning. He didn't even believe me when I told him that he'd slept right through it.
Monday was a lazy day. I worked on a graphics project for a while, but mostly took it easy.

Yesterday Z and Buzz were both slightly under the weather. Oddly enough I was full of energy and itched to be productive. So I cleaned the kitchen, sorted through Buzz's clothes and organized his dresser, and found other chores to keep myself busy. I wandered around the house so much that I actually managed to hit my step-goal of 5,000 steps.

Today Buzz deserved a treat for overcoming a big personal hurdle in gan! So after picking him up, we went to the mall. I snagged an awesome deal on some clothes for him thanks to a sale and my birthday-month-discount at The Children's Place. While I was shopping I heard a very familiar voice that I hadn't heard in quite some time. It was Little Brother!!! In The Sun House!!! I'm pretty sure it's  been over a year since we saw him last! He had to run, so we only got a minute to talk - but I can't wait to move and then have them over for a Shabbos! He did let me in on some interesting information - somebodies super special were upstairs wrapping up a meal at Rimon. I flew up the escalator and crashed the very end of Aviva and Aunt Foofoo's meal! 

It was great to see them! Friends are the family you pick yourself - no matter how much time goes by between visits! Love love love! Totally made my week! Buzz went into Puppy-mode when Z dragged him in to say 'hi', but we all know that just means he's crazy excited about what's going on. 
And now on to tomorrow. OT in the morning, and I need to make a peanut butter pie for Shavuot. I should really start packing things up here, but I'm a little bit in denial. 31 more days?! Yikes!!!

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