Sunday, June 26, 2016

Swiping Lemons!

Saturday was nice. Hot outside, but we chilled at The FamBily House. I won a rollickingly-long game of extended Settlers - from underdog to champion - 5 points in one turn - heck yeah! (I was as surprised as everyone else when it actually happened.) After Shabbos we got a lift home.
On Sunday morning I was up and out of the house before 8am. I walked to the post office and got there just as it opened. I took care of paying for the 'bituach chovah' for the car. Then I walked home. The while shebang got me a lot less steps than I'd expected - a measly 1,500.

Z had spent most of the day running errands for the house. He was zonked by the time gan was over, but we had to pick Buzz up early to get to an appointment. We got there a little earlier than we needed to and distributed the second batch of 'thank you' gifts to Buzz's teachers. They genuinely seemed to love them. I'm glad! They deserved something extra, and I felt that this was really great, so I'm glad they felt the same way.

Somehow I had forgotten to pick up a paper so we rescheduled Buzz's appointment, hung out at The FamBily House for a bit, swung by another clinic to pick up the paper, saw S&S, then ran home to get Buzz fed and into bed.
This morning was no less insane than yesterday. Buzz to gan, us to the gemach (I finally parted with the clothes that are 5-7 sizes too big on me. I also got rid of shoes that I haven't worn in a decade.), us to the bank (yay for US tax refunds!), picked buzz up from gan, took him to his hearing test (he had a pretty good time with the test! It was the first time he didn't cry - this was his third one.), home for a quick lunch, a buyer for the massage table came by to check out the merchandise and took it on the spot (yay for selling stuff that I really don't use that is just taking up space in my house), finalized a buyer for our current stand-alone oven (no need to shlep it and store it at the house - since we'll have shiny new ones!), a super fun playdate with S&S at their house, back home for dinner, bathtime, then bedtime (which is actually what we are up to now.) 

Whoooooweee! What a day! Pretty sure I'll sleep well tonight. I am quite tired.
Tomorrow Z will be heading back out to the house in the morning. The last few things on the inside are being taken care of, including a thorough cleaning. We'll be able to start moving in so soon!

My plan for tomorrow is to bake some bread and start getting things together to take out to the house.

I'd better rest up. Theres is a lot to do tomorrow.

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