Friday, July 29, 2016

Crickets no more

On Friday we ventured out to Kiryat Gat to track down a Judaica store. We needed some cases for our new Mezuzot. We found the Judaica store but it was closed. We lucked out in that the 'local' cofix was literally next door so we grabbed some 5nis breakfast. By the time the boys were done eating, the Judaica store had opened. It was great timing.
Our second stop was at the local 'ochel muchan leshabbat' place. There's a huge catering hall in the industrial area that sets up with dozens of tables of delicious foods. It was a local secret that our awesome new neighbors told us about. I love that they pack everything up in these adorable boxes for easy carrying.
Buzz has made it his job to water the herbs and grounds. It's a task he undertakes at the crack of dawn, dressed in pajamas, and a 15nis pair of Mickey Mouse flipflops. It's pretty cute. He's convinced that enough watering will make grass grow for him to play on. (Poor kid is gonna be disappointed when that doesn't happen. And poor me needing to foot that water bill...)
This morning we took a trip out to Netivot. The goal of our outing was to obtain a proposal for shower doors for our bathrooms. As much fun as it is to shower in a completely open room, it's annoying to need to squeegee the floor compulsively while showering to keep the water from going out the door. We tacked a shower safety bar onto the order to make sure that the bathroom in the green room is fully and safely outfitted for all of our highly anticipated guests.
On our way back into the yishuv, we detoured to the neighboring yishuv in search of the keilim mikvah. The search of our yishuv had proved unfruitful last week (though we did luck into finding the 'recycling corner' where we excitedly dropped off all of the empty cardboard boxes that had been piling up outside our front door since we started unpacking.) Thankfully our search of Shalva proved successful (and easier than anticipated.) Now that we've located the Mikva we just need to go back, with all of our stuff that needs to be dunked.
Do you have ANY idea how frustrating it is to be on an extremely limited diet, then have the things you actually CAN eat cost a kidney and a cornea? It is REALLY frustrating. Especially when the specialty items can't be found in (m)any stores on any sort of regular/consistent basis. Today I got lucky because a store we stopped at on a whim had things I haven't been able to buy since before Pesach. Sure, it cost a lot, but I've been struggling to put on weight and these extra calories should help. 
Our wild east is kind of desolate. One day it'll be landscaped and beautiful. For now, I think I'll plant some garlic and onions in a corner somewhere.
Big plans for tomorrow. Kidnapping, free food, lots of driving. All I know is that the day will end here.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Animal Junction!

Where has a week gone?! My goodness! Monday was a blur of organizational efforts. We did 4 loads of laundry and straightened up the whole house from Shabbos. 
Tuesday was exhausting. We checked out a new grocery store in Kiryat Gat. We also tackled the Purple Room (which is the toy room in addition to being a guest room.) Buzz was VERY happy to be reunited with all of his toys. He was especially thrilled to have his mixers back. I can relate to the feeling.
On Wednesday Z had class. He left early and didn't come back until late in the afternoon. Buzz and I went a little crazy with cleaning. We vacuumed the whole main level (it's not our fault, the dust just accumulates!)
Once cleaning was out of the way, we kneaded up two batches of bread dough. One batch of white bread, and a batch of half whole wheat oatmeal rolls. When the dough was ready we shaped up rolls in half a dozen different shapes. All the rolls and a couple of jars of jam filled up the fancy basket we'd bought very nicely. When the basket was ready and the neighbors were home, we popped next door to (re)introduce ourselves. It's so true when 'they' say that having good neighbors is super important. Thankfully on the yishuv we are surrounded by really sweet, caring, wonderful people. We've only gotten amazing feelings of welcoming and warmth from everyone that we have met so far. It's incredible.
Today was our last session of OT in The Sun House. We left Home at 8:30am to get there. Buzz climbed all the way to the top of the ladder and touched the ceiling, all by himself! It was a great accomplishment for him! Then he had a blast jumping off the ladder into a ginormous pillow poof.

After a trip to Osher Ad, aruchat10 at Coffix, a stop with the sofer, a trip to the mechanic, and passing our annual car inspection... We visited The FamBily House. Schmoozing, lunch, dog-petting... It was fun to do the things we've been in the habit of doing for the last three years. (It was weird to not have been there for almost two weeks!) Our next stop was at S&S's house! Buzz was REALLY excited when we told him we were ALSO going to visit with S&S. Like two desserts! Speaking of desserts he whipped up some soup and some cake with the food-toy then fed everybody, twice! (He learns from the best...)

We made it home in record time, unpacked the car, and made some dinner. Buzz power-napped in the car for about 15 minutes so I have no clue when he will actually conk out tonight.
On the agenda for tomorrow - wash the floors, bake some dessert, make dinner for shabbos, and tackle the basement (the second-to-last messy space in the house. The last spot is actually the Yellow Room. It's all of my books, knickknacks, and such that need to get organized. I'll get there yet, but I don't need Z for that. I just need some peace and quiet.)

We'll be home for dinner tomorrow night, but we will be eating out at new friends for lunch and we are rather looking forward to it. New friends for us, and also friends for Buzz. It works out perfectly! I'm pretty excited! Now I just need to remember to bring that challah with us when we go. I should probably make myself a reminder note and put it somewhere conspicuous. That would be helpful. Somebody remind me to do that tomorrow. Thanks!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

ITEA adain...

Shabbat was a whole lot of extremely awesome fun! We had The Freddies, Frank+1, Abe, and Phil here with us. It was a blast! The food came out pretty tasty, we went to the park in the morning, a bunch of new neighbors stopped by with goodies and to say hi, the kids rode bimbas all over the mirpeset and driveway with some of the neighbors' kids! I think everybody really enjoyed themselves!
This morning I was expecting a fairly long and exhausting day of emptying more boxes. I was fairly surprised when Z suggested an IKEA trip. I was feeling pretty good so I packed up my stuff and off we went. Our main goal was to return all of the extra things that they originally sent for the kitchen. It was a 3-person-job - but we managed it! With the refunded money we were able to fill in some more of the furniture that we were missing - and since it was the last day of the summer sale things worked out really well! The house is definitely shaping up!

I ordered some Legos for Buzz, after he played with them at a friend's house and really enjoyed them. Did you know that now the bricks come in 40-something different colors?! I didn't. And the kid was ECSTATIC when I showed him the rainbow of pieces that he could build with! I can tell there will be a goodly amount of Abba/Buzzy time spent playing with the Legos. That makes them worth it in my book!
It's a fast day - which means it's a slow day. It means summer is in full swing. But we are booking up Shabbat guests already, three weekends in the next two months are already taken. We're getting back into our hosting groove after a tough hiatus. I'm loving it!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Frogs =/= Ginormous lizards

Has it really been a whole week? Again?! How does this keep happening?
To be honest, I know how. Mostly it's because this past week we have been unpacking, cleaning, and building stuff from sunup to after sundown. Exhaustion. Complete. And you'd think that would mean collapsing into bed at the end of the day and falling straight to sleep - but nope. Turns out that the anxiety and stress of trying to get stuff done causes total insomnia. So basically I'm just reeeeeealllllly tired.
In exciting news - setting the house up is really coming along. Today I finally managed to clear the kitchen counters for the fist time. No more boxes in my kitchen. It's a relief!
Yesterday The Parentals came to visit while Z was in school. Sababi helped to fix stuff around the house, The Crazy Lady kept Buzz entertained and helped me with interior design quandaries. It was a lot of fun! They also brought us bagels for shabbos lunch, and two big bags of dirt so that Buzz and I can start our garden next week.
Last night Buzz tried out his new bathtub. Apparently, it is awesome! He never wanted to get out. He was thrilled by the built-in stopper that actually keeps the water in the tub. (In the old place he would play until the water had drained - but in this tub the water doesn't escape down the pipes until we let it.
Today we started cooking for shabbos. Our first batch of challah, a full batch of ff carrot muffins, brownies with ganache, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, a batch of walnut chocolate chip cookies, the meat is all marinating...

We made good headway. But there is A LOT to do tomorrow.
Did I mention that we are hosting a crazy shabbos this weekend? I think we'll be seating 11 around the table. It's going to be awesome!
We're loving it here so far! A bunch of neighbors have stopped by already! We're making friends left and right, we're learning about the local 'hot spots', we've joined all of the pertinent whatsapp groups and email lists...
Home Home Home!!! It was worth the wait.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I have a suggestion!

Somehow two weeks have flown by since my last post. As usual a lot has happened in that span of time. I mean, we are no longer even registered as residents of The Sun House. Last week was a blur of packing, anxiety, and stress. So you'll have to forgive me for not bothering to rehash too many specific details of it.
One thing that we did last week was eat our way around the country.

We spent a day at IKEA. Then the next day Z and Buzz road-tripped to Netanya to pick up a second-hand bedframe that we decided to buy for ourselves. It came with two little night tables for less than buying the set brand new at IKEA. However, by the time they packed the bed into the car they were hungry, so they went to explore the IKEA in Netanya. (Buzz is now convinced that IKEAs are as commonplace as 7-11's or Dunkin Donuts in America. He was also a VERY happy child after spending two days wandering around IKEA-land.)
Last Friday was hectic havoc as we tried to finish the packing. We also packed up enough clothes for a week and moved into The FamBily House for (what we presumed would be a few days...meanwhile...a week later...)
Shabbos was a lot of fun. We were joined by Ari Krischer who is in the country for the summer. 

On Saturday night, Z spent 5 hours finishing up the packing. By the time he stumbled to bed, after 2am, I wasn't sure he'd wake up in time for the movers. 
Moving was a slight disaster. The movers hadn't brought a large enough truck, timing was way off, and it took almost 11 hours to complete the move. It was physically and emotionally draining.

I spent Monday mentally recovering from the trauma of Sunday. Z and Buzz spent Monday organizing things at the house.
Tuesday morning I was feeling better. We went out to the house nice and early. Then we spent aaaaaalllll day building stuff, and emptying boxes. I managed to unpack most of the kitchen. It's looking pretty great!
Tuesday afternoon we rushed back to The Sun House to meet with the 'old' landlord. We returned the keys and settled up the bills. And that was that. We are no longer renters, we are now officially homeowners!
Wednesday was kind of like Tuesday. We made our way to the house early in the morning. We organized, unpacked, stacked, and moved furniture around. Mostly we made space for the upholstery cleaners to come in and clean the rugs and upholstery.

The Parentals came down to drop off the last of our things from the apartment. They had to dash after a short-while, but we stuck around. It was 2:15 and we were hungry. We decided to attempt to find the makolet on the yishuv. It took us longer than expected, but we pulled up in front of the little co-op shop at 2:20. It was good timing, since they close from 2:30 to 6:30. We picked up some eggs, potatoes, and chocolate pudding. Back at the house, we hooked up the electric stovetop (that we borrowed from The FamBily House), and I made our first meal in the house. Scrambled eggs and jumbo potato latka - seemed a fitting meal - since we make it so often.
After assembling the bed in our room and half of Buzz's bed, we made our way back to The Sun House. We made it just in time for an amazingly delicious fish & chips dinner.

This morning we were up bright and early - our plan today was to accomplish things in The Sun House. For a number reasons unknown to us - the kablan didn't end up pouring the concrete of our driveway today. (That was the ONLY reason we planned to do lots of things around The Sun House instead of organizing more things at the house.)

We decided to make the best of the situation anyway.

First Z changed the addresses in our Teudot Zehut to reflect the new house! Then we had OT for Buzz at Neimi. After OT Buzz led us to a new bakery and asked for a chocolate pastry. Our next stop was the 'kol-bo' shop - we needed a new dryer hose and some other miscellaneous things. Then we were off to RBS. Buzz lucked into a slice of pizza with olives for lunch while Z bought a mattress for Buzz's bed. (Now we can finally put the mattress back onto the guest bed and host sleepover guests again!) 

After that adventure we made our way back to The FamBily House.
It took some convincing and cajoling but we convinced some FamBily members to join us on a trip to the local bowling-alley. Unfortunately our excitement was dulled when we found out that the bowling alley was locked up tight with no further explanation or information.

We didn't let the situation keep us down. We made a course-correction to our plans and decided to go play at the mall instead. A lot of 'steps' later the mall had been walked and we were exhausted. One car went to the grocery store while the other car went back to The House.
We scavenged for dinner, Buzz got to splash in the bath for a long long time, then it was bedtime for Buzzo.

Frank and I did a 'late night dash' to the grocery store. The Crazy Lady was running low on oil and well, anytime is a good time to buy ice cream! After a deep-fried-late-night-bonanza it was bedtime.

Tomorrow we need to get ready for Shabbos. Also on the schedule, some more house organizational efforts. Mostly I'm just looking forward to relaxing over shabbos.