Thursday, July 28, 2016

Animal Junction!

Where has a week gone?! My goodness! Monday was a blur of organizational efforts. We did 4 loads of laundry and straightened up the whole house from Shabbos. 
Tuesday was exhausting. We checked out a new grocery store in Kiryat Gat. We also tackled the Purple Room (which is the toy room in addition to being a guest room.) Buzz was VERY happy to be reunited with all of his toys. He was especially thrilled to have his mixers back. I can relate to the feeling.
On Wednesday Z had class. He left early and didn't come back until late in the afternoon. Buzz and I went a little crazy with cleaning. We vacuumed the whole main level (it's not our fault, the dust just accumulates!)
Once cleaning was out of the way, we kneaded up two batches of bread dough. One batch of white bread, and a batch of half whole wheat oatmeal rolls. When the dough was ready we shaped up rolls in half a dozen different shapes. All the rolls and a couple of jars of jam filled up the fancy basket we'd bought very nicely. When the basket was ready and the neighbors were home, we popped next door to (re)introduce ourselves. It's so true when 'they' say that having good neighbors is super important. Thankfully on the yishuv we are surrounded by really sweet, caring, wonderful people. We've only gotten amazing feelings of welcoming and warmth from everyone that we have met so far. It's incredible.
Today was our last session of OT in The Sun House. We left Home at 8:30am to get there. Buzz climbed all the way to the top of the ladder and touched the ceiling, all by himself! It was a great accomplishment for him! Then he had a blast jumping off the ladder into a ginormous pillow poof.

After a trip to Osher Ad, aruchat10 at Coffix, a stop with the sofer, a trip to the mechanic, and passing our annual car inspection... We visited The FamBily House. Schmoozing, lunch, dog-petting... It was fun to do the things we've been in the habit of doing for the last three years. (It was weird to not have been there for almost two weeks!) Our next stop was at S&S's house! Buzz was REALLY excited when we told him we were ALSO going to visit with S&S. Like two desserts! Speaking of desserts he whipped up some soup and some cake with the food-toy then fed everybody, twice! (He learns from the best...)

We made it home in record time, unpacked the car, and made some dinner. Buzz power-napped in the car for about 15 minutes so I have no clue when he will actually conk out tonight.
On the agenda for tomorrow - wash the floors, bake some dessert, make dinner for shabbos, and tackle the basement (the second-to-last messy space in the house. The last spot is actually the Yellow Room. It's all of my books, knickknacks, and such that need to get organized. I'll get there yet, but I don't need Z for that. I just need some peace and quiet.)

We'll be home for dinner tomorrow night, but we will be eating out at new friends for lunch and we are rather looking forward to it. New friends for us, and also friends for Buzz. It works out perfectly! I'm pretty excited! Now I just need to remember to bring that challah with us when we go. I should probably make myself a reminder note and put it somewhere conspicuous. That would be helpful. Somebody remind me to do that tomorrow. Thanks!

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