Friday, July 29, 2016

Crickets no more

On Friday we ventured out to Kiryat Gat to track down a Judaica store. We needed some cases for our new Mezuzot. We found the Judaica store but it was closed. We lucked out in that the 'local' cofix was literally next door so we grabbed some 5nis breakfast. By the time the boys were done eating, the Judaica store had opened. It was great timing.
Our second stop was at the local 'ochel muchan leshabbat' place. There's a huge catering hall in the industrial area that sets up with dozens of tables of delicious foods. It was a local secret that our awesome new neighbors told us about. I love that they pack everything up in these adorable boxes for easy carrying.
Buzz has made it his job to water the herbs and grounds. It's a task he undertakes at the crack of dawn, dressed in pajamas, and a 15nis pair of Mickey Mouse flipflops. It's pretty cute. He's convinced that enough watering will make grass grow for him to play on. (Poor kid is gonna be disappointed when that doesn't happen. And poor me needing to foot that water bill...)
This morning we took a trip out to Netivot. The goal of our outing was to obtain a proposal for shower doors for our bathrooms. As much fun as it is to shower in a completely open room, it's annoying to need to squeegee the floor compulsively while showering to keep the water from going out the door. We tacked a shower safety bar onto the order to make sure that the bathroom in the green room is fully and safely outfitted for all of our highly anticipated guests.
On our way back into the yishuv, we detoured to the neighboring yishuv in search of the keilim mikvah. The search of our yishuv had proved unfruitful last week (though we did luck into finding the 'recycling corner' where we excitedly dropped off all of the empty cardboard boxes that had been piling up outside our front door since we started unpacking.) Thankfully our search of Shalva proved successful (and easier than anticipated.) Now that we've located the Mikva we just need to go back, with all of our stuff that needs to be dunked.
Do you have ANY idea how frustrating it is to be on an extremely limited diet, then have the things you actually CAN eat cost a kidney and a cornea? It is REALLY frustrating. Especially when the specialty items can't be found in (m)any stores on any sort of regular/consistent basis. Today I got lucky because a store we stopped at on a whim had things I haven't been able to buy since before Pesach. Sure, it cost a lot, but I've been struggling to put on weight and these extra calories should help. 
Our wild east is kind of desolate. One day it'll be landscaped and beautiful. For now, I think I'll plant some garlic and onions in a corner somewhere.
Big plans for tomorrow. Kidnapping, free food, lots of driving. All I know is that the day will end here.

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