Thursday, July 21, 2016

Frogs =/= Ginormous lizards

Has it really been a whole week? Again?! How does this keep happening?
To be honest, I know how. Mostly it's because this past week we have been unpacking, cleaning, and building stuff from sunup to after sundown. Exhaustion. Complete. And you'd think that would mean collapsing into bed at the end of the day and falling straight to sleep - but nope. Turns out that the anxiety and stress of trying to get stuff done causes total insomnia. So basically I'm just reeeeeealllllly tired.
In exciting news - setting the house up is really coming along. Today I finally managed to clear the kitchen counters for the fist time. No more boxes in my kitchen. It's a relief!
Yesterday The Parentals came to visit while Z was in school. Sababi helped to fix stuff around the house, The Crazy Lady kept Buzz entertained and helped me with interior design quandaries. It was a lot of fun! They also brought us bagels for shabbos lunch, and two big bags of dirt so that Buzz and I can start our garden next week.
Last night Buzz tried out his new bathtub. Apparently, it is awesome! He never wanted to get out. He was thrilled by the built-in stopper that actually keeps the water in the tub. (In the old place he would play until the water had drained - but in this tub the water doesn't escape down the pipes until we let it.
Today we started cooking for shabbos. Our first batch of challah, a full batch of ff carrot muffins, brownies with ganache, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, a batch of walnut chocolate chip cookies, the meat is all marinating...

We made good headway. But there is A LOT to do tomorrow.
Did I mention that we are hosting a crazy shabbos this weekend? I think we'll be seating 11 around the table. It's going to be awesome!
We're loving it here so far! A bunch of neighbors have stopped by already! We're making friends left and right, we're learning about the local 'hot spots', we've joined all of the pertinent whatsapp groups and email lists...
Home Home Home!!! It was worth the wait.

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