Sunday, July 24, 2016

ITEA adain...

Shabbat was a whole lot of extremely awesome fun! We had The Freddies, Frank+1, Abe, and Phil here with us. It was a blast! The food came out pretty tasty, we went to the park in the morning, a bunch of new neighbors stopped by with goodies and to say hi, the kids rode bimbas all over the mirpeset and driveway with some of the neighbors' kids! I think everybody really enjoyed themselves!
This morning I was expecting a fairly long and exhausting day of emptying more boxes. I was fairly surprised when Z suggested an IKEA trip. I was feeling pretty good so I packed up my stuff and off we went. Our main goal was to return all of the extra things that they originally sent for the kitchen. It was a 3-person-job - but we managed it! With the refunded money we were able to fill in some more of the furniture that we were missing - and since it was the last day of the summer sale things worked out really well! The house is definitely shaping up!

I ordered some Legos for Buzz, after he played with them at a friend's house and really enjoyed them. Did you know that now the bricks come in 40-something different colors?! I didn't. And the kid was ECSTATIC when I showed him the rainbow of pieces that he could build with! I can tell there will be a goodly amount of Abba/Buzzy time spent playing with the Legos. That makes them worth it in my book!
It's a fast day - which means it's a slow day. It means summer is in full swing. But we are booking up Shabbat guests already, three weekends in the next two months are already taken. We're getting back into our hosting groove after a tough hiatus. I'm loving it!

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