Sunday, August 07, 2016


Shabbos was very excellent. We were joined by Sara (née D) Cohen. Her hubby is in the states for a bit so I managed to convince her to come out and spend the weekend with us. I'm so glad that she agreed. It was a super relaxing but really nice weekend.

Friday night we enjoyed some chicken soup, shepherd's pie (with peas on the side), green beans, rice, and tiny meatballs. Shabbos brunch was the usual bagel spread, with a frittata and some gf challah for me. Overall quite delicious.

Shabbos day was great. After brunch we shmoozed, then we started a puzzle, we took a break at 6ish to take a walk around the yishuv and for Buzz to go to the park, then when we got home we had some snacks while working on the puzzle. Pretty soon after that, it was time for havdala, which was kind of sad. I was having a great time!

This morning Z was up early to get out to school. Buzz and I filled up the day pretty productively. First we fought with driving the unwieldy garbage can out to the street for trash pickup, then we straightened up the house from Shabbos. 

The kablan came by with an inspector for the gas and the 'dud'. That's another signature collected for our forms for tofes4. While they were here I asked them to check out the drippy sink in the kitchen. They fixed that easily. A little while later a guy came by from the door-store. One of our bathroom doors was having some technical difficulties closing properly. He tweaked the positioning and now it closes perfectly. Small things, but it's nice to have them taken care of.

Our next activity was more of a fun one. I saved a couple of egg cartons, and we finally planted half a  dozen different types of seeds. Red peppers, yellow peppers, three colors of cherry tomatoes, chives, and some petunias just for a pop of color.

Buzz was pretty funny. He asked whether any of the seeds would turn into broccoli and then grow into big trees. I was a little confused by the question and asked him to repeat himself (which didn't really help very much). My next step was to ask him to explain his question. His explanation had me clutching my sides and biting my cheek to stop myself from cracking up. Apparently the appellation 'tiny trees' that we've bestowed upon broccoli (one of his favorite veggies, just btw) had him confused with regard to the growth-cycle of trees. He simply assumed that all trees begin as broccoli before maturing into full grown trees. Solid logic, but that's not quite how it works.

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