Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Meshubach Meshugas Meshu.

Last Shabbos was a loooooong day. Buzz and Z both took really long naps, and I read a few thousand pages. It was pretty intense. Then of course nobody went to sleep until almost 1am, which made for an exhausted start to the week.
Sunday was pretty boring. We found out that frittatas can be baked in the oven (so no more crazily attempting to flip them in frying pans - my stovetop is sighing audibly). Buzz can sing his ABC's now but he prefers when the iPad does the singing for him so that he can dance with wild abandon.
Monday was also uneventful. We've been staying home during the hot part of the day. In the evenings we've been venturing out to the playground to let Buzz burn off his excess energies.

Yesterday we ventured into the old yishuv. We found a little bridge over the streambed, then made our way to the makolet. Somehow we ran out of ketchup. Unacceptable when the staple food in the house is potatoes. Thankfully the local mini-mart was well stocked. We left with a bottle of ketchup and an ice cream cone for the boys to share.

We stopped at the park to play and socialize. It's so much fun to be meeting all of my new neighbors! Making friends and connections. It's super cool!
Today I reorganized both of my freezers. I'm trying to clear them out because it has come to my attention that the chagim are steadily approaching. Out with the old, in with the new. Unfortunately our fridge seems less than thrilled by the prospect of storing so much food. It's been spazzing out and not staying as cold as it should. (Apparently moving a fridge isn't good for it. Ours has been moved, twice and neither move was overly graceful.) Z is convinced that defrosting it and letting it rest for a bit will work out the kinks. I just want all of our experimenting done early enough so that the issue can be resolved before the holiday-season-panic seriously sets in. Anyway, that's another reason to clear out as much food as possible, as soon as possible.
Gan starts in two days and I'm still a nervous wreck. It's not helping that the misrad-hachinuch still doesn't know what is going on or when or how or anything at all really. We don't even know whether the transportation has been worked out yet. We've spoken to the office every day for a week, but they keep telling us to 'call tomorrow' and that they don't organize anything until the day before gan starts. Talk about cutting it close.

The worst part is that we need to provide a car seat for Buzz to travel in, but the seats don't stay in the van full time, meaning that they need to be installed twice a day. So we need to get a seat that is easy to install, conforms to safety requirements for his age/height/weight, and that is light and compact enough that the caregivers and drivers can easily and properly install it in the afternoons. (Since they're installing 5-10 seats at the same time.) I guess I should just chalk it up to a school expense, but it's hurting my head to think that I need to spend 450nis to buy a car seat just to get beaten up for gan.

Gosh, kids are expensive.
When it rains, it pours. Right? Moving expenses, school expenses for the big one and the little one, busted appliances, car seats, misc house expenses... My guess is that things won't settle down until after the holidays.

I'm looking forward to that calm.

And the rain.

I am strangely excited for it to rain.

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