Monday, August 08, 2016

No radio soap.

Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday and Monday.
On Sunday Z went to school. He came home at 3:45, loaded up more random kitchen stuff that had to get returned to IKEA, and we were off by 4. What a crazy night. 
Obviously Buzz was hungry for dinner. It was dinner time AND we were at IKEA. We made a few hundred shekels in refunds so we figured a quick bite to eat couldn't hurt. I love that they have gluten-free rolls available now. It means I don't have to starve while everyone else eats their fill.
Monday evening was fun. In the afternoon we made our way to The Sun House. We saw cousin Adina for a few minutes, and made a ruckus at The FamBily House for a bit. Then the whole Mishpucha made their way to The Mall to meet up with The Freddies for Freddie's birthday dinner!
Dinner was delightful. We love FamBily dinners, and littlest Freddie loves balloons. All in all a great evening. We got home on the late side, but all was well.
Tuesday was pretty boring. We're still finding things to organize and put in places.

Our outing for the day was a trip to shufersol. We decided to get the shabbos shopping out of the way. It ended up being a good idea. The store was pretty quiet, and there were some great sales going on.

Back at home it was bedtime for Buzz. By the time he conked out it was almost 9:30. Z ran out to a 'welcome the new neighbors' evening on the other side of the yishuv. The yishuv's welcoming committee threw a party for the new families (and soon to be new families) to say 'hi'. They distributed useful little booklets full of a ton of helpful information about the yishuv (davening times, Mikva times and locations, library hours, and all sorts of other useful facts.) They also assigned each of the new families with a 'buddy family' to contact if we need any help. It's really cute. We are loving the warm community feeling here!

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