Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tiny sword cut!

I woke up to a message on my phone from The Crazy Lady this morning. She wanted to know whether we would be open to having dinner together at our place. She said they'd bring the food, if we'd provide the location. We agreed, happily!

They showed up with everything from the bbq grills to the mustard. It was delicious and awesome. Z did the grilling, Yo Abba assembled the bookcase they brought us from Phil's bedroom, and Buzz tasted everything he could get his hands on.

I'm loving that The FamBily comes to visit us so much! It's really not a long trip, and the road is so scenic. I hope the visits continue as the months roll on!

Enjoy the pictures from our latest FamBily dinner!

Just for the record - that FF nectarine tart went over insanely well. Phil took the last wedge home for herself.

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