Thursday, August 04, 2016

Victory is Shufer!

Yesterday was a VERY long day. Z was in school, which left me to occupy Buzz, aaaaaallllll day loooong. And it was long. Have I mentioned that yet?
We played Legos, we made food in the kitchen, we went up and down the stairs, we moved our herbs to a shadier spot in the garden and watered them, we cleaned up some stuff, we painted, we played some more...

But still there were more hours left of the day.
Finally Z came home. I took a much needed break. Buzz stayed awake until 9pm for absolutely no reason. Then he was up half a dozen times overnight. My poor brains hurt.
This morning was the same old. Buzz came in to wake us up at some ridiculously early hour of the morning. He bounced around for a while. I finally got up and made my way downstairs to knead up a batch of challah dough. My brain is confused. I have this gorgeous enormous kitchen to work in, so I feel some inane need to cook in big batches. I made a full batch of challah, but it will keep us in 'business' for quite a while. Since, we aren't having 11 people around the table again any time soon.
By the time the challahs were all baked, it was after noon. 

We found our shoes and made our way into Kiryat Gat. Our first stop was at the Kablan's office. We have started collecting all of the signatures that we need in order to apply for tofes-4 (the end-all-be-all slip that allows you to legally reside in your home.)

Our next stop was at the third grocery store in the city, Shuk Ha'ir. It was kind of a let down. The outside of the store looks all shiny and clean, but that's pretty much where the glamour ends.

Relatively disappointed we made our way to the Yishparo center. The Soltam store was having an insane sale and everything was super discounted. Maybe they're going out of business? Who knows.

Our last stop was Shufersal Deal. As far as grocery stores in the city go it quickly shot to first place on our list. It was fairly large, smelled clean, didn't look grimy... All good things (considering where we've been shopping the last two weeks.) I'm thinking that will be our place of choice to go (when we don't feel like driving out to Netivot), Victory in second place, Machsanei Hashuk in third, and I kind of hope we don't ever need to go back to Shuk Ha'ir ever again. 
I've got to get started on some other stuff. The nine days begin this evening, which means no meat for the next 9 days except on Shabbos. So I need to figure out all of my pareve and dairy options. I foresee a lot of pizza, and pasta... Buzz will rejoice.

It's Thursday and I'm trying to get things organized for tomorrow night, since it's Shabbos again. We have Doda Sara coming to visit for the weekend. It's been a while so I'm pretty excited!

I've got to get the guest room set up. I also have to start the cooking, or rather, I need to figure out what it is that I'm planning to make. That might be an important step in the process. All I know is that Buzz is ready and willing to bake cookies. He's reminded me a few thousand times in the last couple of hours.

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