Monday, May 29, 2017

Important Fambily Update...

On Shabbos a dark colored 2.5 month old puppy showed up at our door dehydrated, starving, and clearly abandoned. My heart broke at the sight. We brought her in, cleaned her up, convinced her to eat and drink. Z spent the night up with her on motzash because she was crying so much. By Sunday morning she had perked up considerably. It seemed like fate. We'd been discussing getting a dog for almost a year. Our criteria were that any potential pup would need to be female and a larger breed. Well, here she was. Couldn't have chosen better at the shelter.

Early Sunday morning she started acting puppyish and playful. Then at around 7:30 she began howling strangely. It didn't sound like she was in pain or distress. Rather, it sounded like she was calling out to a lost friend. It was heartbreaking. She sounded so lonely, even though we were right there with her.

Well, a couple of hours later I noticed a lighter colored pup sprawled outside the door. The two looked basically identical in size and feature - everything but their coloring. The darker puppy had stopped her howling and though they couldn't see each other, it was clear they could smell each other and were taking comfort in that. My heart broke all over again. The light puppy looked far worse off than the dark one had the day before. Covered from tip to tail in mud, burrs, and bugs.

Just one day earlier we'd made the jump and become dog owners. What would be? Clearly we couldn't send the lighter one away. Deep breaths and Z made the executive decision. We will be a 5-person-pack. 3 with 2-legs, and 2 with 4-legs.

We brought in the lighter one, cleaned him up as best we could and kept them apart until after our appointment with the vet at 6pm. Back at home we rubbed them down with some debugging spray and finally reunited them.

One glance between them was all it took. The dark one looked over her slightly littler brother, decided we'd done a good job and they curled up together in a safe spot in the corner.

Last night they didn't cry even once.

I think we made the right decision.